At Quickers, Augmented Reality (AR) is not just a buzzword; it's a revolutionary tool with boundless possibilities. AR overlays digital information onto the real world, creating immersive experiences.

These are just a few examples of how Quickers Engineering is harnessing AR to transform industries, making processes more efficient and experiences more immersive. The possibilities are limitless, and we're here to explore them with you.

Retail - Virtual Try-Ons

Business Case: Augmented Reality Virtual Try-On for a Fashion Retailer

Client: Elegant Attire, a popular online fashion retailer

Challenge: Elegant Attire was facing a common problem in the online fashion industry—high return rates due to customers' uncertainty about the fit and look of clothing items. They needed a solution that could enhance the shopping experience, reduce returns, and boost customer satisfaction.

Quickers Engineering AR Solution: Elegant Attire partnered with Quickers Engineering to implement an AR Virtual Try-On solution on their e-commerce platform. This AR feature allows customers to try on clothing virtually using their smartphones.

How It Works:

  1. Virtual Try-On: When a customer selects a clothing item, they are presented with an option to "Try On with AR."
  2. Real-Time Overlay: The customer uses their smartphone's camera, and the AR system overlays the selected garment onto their live image in real-time.
  3. Interactive Experience: The customer can rotate, move, and see the clothing item from various angles. They can also change the color and size to find their perfect fit.
  4. Confidence in Purchase: Customers can confidently visualize how the clothing item fits and looks on them before making a purchase.


  • Reduced Returns: The implementation of the AR Virtual Try-On feature significantly reduced the rate of returns, saving Elegant Attire costs associated with returns and restocking.
  • Increased Sales: Customers were more likely to make a purchase when they could see how the clothing looked on them, leading to a boost in sales.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Shoppers appreciated the interactive and engaging shopping experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Elegant Attire's adoption of Quickers Engineering's AR Virtual Try-On solution transformed the way customers shopped for clothing online, making it a win-win for both the retailer and its customers.

Manufacturing - AR Assembly

Business Case: Augmented Reality Assembly in Manufacturing

Client: TechMakers Manufacturing, a leading machinery manufacturing company

Challenge: TechMakers Manufacturing was seeking innovative ways to streamline their assembly processes and reduce errors in the production of complex machinery. They needed a solution that would enhance the efficiency of their assembly line while improving worker accuracy.

Quickers Engineering AR Solution: TechMakers Manufacturing partnered with Quickers Engineering to implement an AR assembly system for their production lines.

How It Works:

  1. AR Headsets: Workers are equipped with AR headsets that provide a heads-up display.
  2. Step-by-Step Instructions: Assemblers receive real-time, step-by-step visual instructions overlaid on the machinery they are working on.
  3. Visual Aids: The AR system includes animations and highlights specific parts, making it easier for workers to identify and assemble components correctly. Torque values for bolts are displayed to ensure proper fastening.
  4. Hands-Free Operation: Workers can focus on the assembly process without constantly referring to printed manuals or digital screens.


  • Efficiency Gains: With AR assembly, TechMakers Manufacturing saw significant improvements in the efficiency of their assembly processes. Workers could complete tasks more swiftly.
  • Error Reduction: Errors in assembly were greatly reduced, resulting in higher product quality and fewer defects.
  • Reduced Training Time: New workers could quickly adapt to the assembly process, reducing the training time required for new hires.

Example: In a recent production run, TechMakers Manufacturing assembled a complex industrial-grade printer using Quickers Engineering's AR solution. The AR system guided workers through the assembly, ensuring that each component was correctly installed. As a result, the company completed the printer assembly 30% faster than in previous runs, with zero defects reported. This not only improved production efficiency but also reduced manufacturing costs and led to increased customer satisfaction.

By adopting Quickers Engineering's AR assembly solution, TechMakers Manufacturing was able to revolutionize their manufacturing processes, ensuring smoother assembly, fewer errors, and enhanced productivity.

Education - Interactive University Learning

Augmented Reality Empowers University Learning

Business Case: In a physics lecture at Elite University, students harnessed Quickers Engineering's AR capabilities to explore intricate concepts. The immersive experience not only made the lesson fascinating but also resulted in a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Consequently, students achieved remarkable academic performance, validating the transformative potential of AR in higher education.

Client: Elite University

Challenge: Enhancing higher education through immersive and captivating learning experiences.

Quickers Engineering AR Solution: We partnered with Elite University to revolutionize their educational approach with Augmented Reality.

How It Works:

  1. AR-Equipped Devices: Students are equipped with AR-enabled devices, creating gateways to transformative learning.
  2. Immersive Modules: In a physics lecture, students engage with AR by pointing their devices at their course materials.
  3. Physics Concepts Come to Life: AR transforms abstract physics principles into vivid 3D models and simulations.
  4. Interactive Learning: Students actively participate, manipulating objects, visualizing complex concepts, and conducting virtual experiments.


  • Student Engagement Soars: The interactive experience captures students' imagination and elevates their focus on the subject matter.
  • Deeper Learning: Complex scientific concepts become more accessible through interactive, hands-on experiences, leading to a profound understanding.
  • Enhanced Academic Performance: Elite University witnesses improved grades and a higher level of mastery of physics among its students.

Quickers Engineering's AR technology has reshaped the way university students interact with complex subjects, fostering a love for learning and advancing academic achievement.

Real Estate - Virtual Property Tours

Real Estate Revolution: Virtual Property Tours

Client: Stellar Realty

Challenge: Elevating the real estate experience and streamlining property buying for potential homeowners.

Quickers Engineering AR Solution: In partnership with Stellar Realty, we've introduced AR property tours, a game-changer in the real estate market.

How It Works:

  1. Smartphone Convenience: Prospective buyers utilize their smartphones for an unparalleled home-buying journey.
  2. Augmented Reality Magic: By pointing their phone at a property's "For Sale" sign, an AR app conjures a 3D model of the house onto their live camera view.
  3. Virtual Walkthrough: Buyers embark on a virtual adventure, strolling through the property, experimenting with different interior designs, and even opening doors.
  4. Informed Decisions: This immersive experience accelerates the decision-making process and forges a deeper connection between potential buyers and the property.


  • Efficiency Accelerated: Homebuyers make quicker decisions, thanks to an immersive understanding of properties.
  • Engagement Soars: The AR experience captivates potential buyers and keeps them engaged throughout the property exploration.
  • Improved Sales: Stellar Realty witnesses increased property sales and higher client satisfaction.

Business Result: At Stellar Realty, the introduction of Quickers Engineering's AR property tours revolutionized the real estate market. Prospective buyers can now embark on virtual journeys through properties, experimenting with layouts and opening doors. This immersive experience not only expedites purchasing decisions but also strengthens the emotional connection between buyers and the property.

Quickers Engineering's AR technology has transformed the real estate landscape, making property hunting an engaging, efficient, and customer-focused endeavor.

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